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The Wonky Pixie

Why The Wonky Pixie you ask?

Have you ever walked through a forest and marvelled at the little tracks that our native wildlife make, or the curved banks, the deep caverns and twisted stunning bark of a tree or shrub? How it twists, curls up and around imbuing its existence? 

Forest to the sea, I create my works from the inspiration of nature. The simplicity and uniqueness of our natural world. This inspires me to create works of art that embody this. It is my connection and my story.

From a young age, I have been creating and telling a story of mythical adventures. 

So now I handcraft from that notion. This is my connection, The forest dweller or water nymph, where I relax, soothe and embrace. Where I connect with my soul and spirit. I forage and re-purpose as much as I can to recreate new beautiful works.

To find the light play and the dappled light dancing through the trees, or the reflections in the waters, the curled leaf on the forest floor or the moss curling and blanketing a twig.

I also started this journey with The Wonky Pixie because I live with chronic pain and health conditions that can sometimes attempt to overrule my life. It is part of me and when I can, I tell my story in the hope of inspiring another to do what they are connected to. To find their song and inner beat. It can be a bit challenging, but I do my best.

My art journey is a unique part of the deepened soul and fire within me and using my hands to benefit from that therapy of creating, to also bring some magick into the world. To bring a smile to a distant soul. I adore the power of art and creativity, and in the future have some more dreamscapes to come to fruition. *Watch this space!

I am also graced to be a mum to one imaginative 13-year old lad who inspires me every single day, the wonder in his face and with his own imagination that sparks a story. He too is a creative soul, and often gives me the names of things or offers a suggestion. So we both are very much infused in some of the creations together. We also have a slightly bonkers kitty cat named Rusty, she, of course, is the site manager and adds to the ambiance of creation at times. I still think she needs her own social media account.

The art, my art and self-expression through storytelling and my works is why I do it, to share this journey with you. To hopefully spark inspiration. To see the world in a different light or angle. To remind us all, that the little things in life are often so remarkably beautiful - just as they are.

To share the wonky. To share the me.

So thank you.

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