Resin Cone + Pillars


Handcrafted resin LED lights and cones, made with premium resins, flora, BIOglitters and inks. 

Made lovingly in The Wonky Pixie studio. 

  • Resin Ring Cones
    These sweet little trees make a big statement, they sparkle, they have flora and have a dash of magick imbued. They would make lovely gifts for the table at Christmas or just because.

    All handcrafted with premium resins, flora, ECOglitters and/or with gold and silver leaf.

    They are super gorgeous and stand 75mm in height with a width of 35mm and embedded onto a wooden base. Or they are on an acrylic base of 65mm in height with a width of 40mm.

    They come in various sizes and shapes and would make a lovely gift for the garden or nature lover.

    Colours may differ slightly on various browsers, or there might be some imperfect perfections on some items.
    Premium-quality Resins only used for clarity.
    With the nature of resin art, each one is unique in its cure and no two are the same.
    Not to be placed in direct sunlight or near water.

    Wrapped and packaged with care. We don't use bubble wrap at The Wonky Pixie but we do recycle boxes if we can.
    NZ$ 29.00

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