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A collection of pre-order NZ Art Prints captured by me - Pixie. 

These items are available to pre-order and if you don't mind a few more days for delivery. 

- Flora Reveries:

A collection of beautiful flora scapes, of flowers, herbs, trees, and anything that 'grows' 

If you do not mind waiting, the usual postal time frame I give is 10 days, and it might just be within that slot, but given these are pre-orders, I have to send away for them to be professionally printed and then inspect each print individually before I resend to you, so a few more days will be added.  

Sizes will be available in A4 and A3 for some. 

My green logo will not be on the final image, the image is set into a framed template with my website and signed name on the bottom middle of the frame (light opacity). From the 1st March, they will be printed without the framed template around the image and hand-signed on the back. 

Other photo items will be available very soon as well. 

All photographic and post-production work is done by me, Pixie in The Wonky Pixie Studio. 


All images remain the copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved · The Wonky Pixie