Resin Trinket Tray - Seconds

Resin Trinket Tray - Seconds
SECONDS! Prettyful pink hue trinket or ring tray made with gorgeous BIOglitters with crystals. With rose quartz crystals. It has a slight wobble so selling reduced.

The tray is 102mm by 116mm in width and length.

My resin art is handcrafted, hand-cast and hand-poured by me, using homegrown, harvested or sourced real flowers, herbs, woods, shells or crystals. Where ever the magick takes me.

Colours may differ slightly on various browsers, or there might be some imperfect perfections on some items.
Premium-quality Resins only used for clarity, the integrity of product and quality.
With the nature of resin art, each one is unique in its cure and no two are the same.
Not to be placed in direct sunlight or near water.

The Wonky Pixie reuses recyclable packaging where possible. Wrapped carefully in recycled boxes, tissue paper. We do not use bubble wrap.
NZ$ 27.00
NZ$ 15.00
Or make 6 weekly interest free payments from $2.50
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    NZ$ 39.00
    NZ$ 30.00
  • Crescent Moon Hanging - Black
    NZ$ 32.00
    NZ$ 28.00

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