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Who is The Wonky Pixie?

Other than reading my longer introduction on 'about Pixie' page. Here is another version!

Basically, my nickname is Pixie, I am a New Zealand born mumma to one 10-year-old Taekwondo Ninja, Artist, Musician, Joker, Lego Engineer and Book Worm with an eccentric but adorable kitty named Rusty. 

We reside in the Porirua region of Wellington, New Zealand surrounding by flora and trees. I am not far from the sea where I soak up the wonderful vitaminSEA that is in the air. 

Check out more of my story and why the name 'The Wonky Pixie'  here

Some questions:

Do you accept orders through email or over the phone and facebook?

All orders are needing to be placed through my website, unfortunately, we cannot process phone, facebook or email orders. If you do have any issues placing an order please contact us here.

What are your delivery charges?

We have a flat rate of $7 NZ wide. We only use Pass the Parcel courier at this point of time. 

How long does it take for items to get here?

I have a guessimate time frame of 5-7 days depending on the season, more often than not ready to send items will be at your doorstep well within that time frame. I only send items once payments have cleared. If there is any delay, I will adhere to contact you. If you are concerned about an order, please do not hesitate in contacting me.  I also love to know things have arrived safe and well :)

With pre-order prints, I add a few extra days as I inspect all prints first after they are professionally printed before they are sent on to you. 

Custom orders are discussed at the time and dependant on the items desired there is a usual turn around of 14 days if not before. But again, everything is discussed first with custom orders. There is an additional charge for custom orders. If you would like a custom order, I create a separate listing just for you. :)

You can check my other terms here

Do you allow pickups?

No sorry, we do not have this capacity at this time. 

Do you have a shop?

I would like to say YES! But not at this point in time. We do attend markets occasionally, you can find out about upcoming ones on the events page or you can follow also on facebook because I also add the events there.

Do you send internationally?

At this time, I do not offer this service. The nature of my items are locally handmade with local flora and woods and these are unfortunately prohibited to send internationally.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, I do for most things! All you need to do is flick me an email to discuss your ideas and we can go from there. There is an additional fee that incurs with all custom orders and all time frames will be discussed prior to acceptance.

How long does it take to make one of your resin or whimsical sculptures?

This is a question I am often asked at markets. I love that people are really interested in my arty path! It's wonderful all the conversations I have had.

Since I handcraft each and every piece myself, every piece is different, as is the time frames. 

First thing I would like to say, is there are quite a variety of resins out there. Not all are created equal, they vary in durability, texture, clarity and of course quality. I have experimented on a number of them. The resin I use is different from what you may see with people using it on tabletops for example. Some are used in mass production, others are more refined. Some are food safe. Some are waterproof (along with this, it typically is used with other products as well) All of which have their own chemical makeup and reactions, and drying times compiled with various toxicity levels in some products. So it's not such a simple path. It's an exciting one, but certainly not a straight forward one. 

So, with the type of resin I use, there are various factors that need to be considered. I only ever use high-quality premium non-toxic resins, the environment I am creating it in needs to be of even temperatures and I have a special cure area and even a cupboard to help this along at times, especially in colder weather. I cannot work with resin outside, due to various particles, so my workspace needs to be protected airy, mild and full of light. 

It certainly is not a quick process, but an intricate one, it also depends on the materials I am using within the resin. Not all items can be used and created with resin so there is a great deal of research applied before I attempt a new work.

The time frame does change depending on the weather, the humidity, and the details of the work. So anything from a few days to a week even. Like anything I do, it is a piece of my soul that I pour into my works, so I like to really focus on each piece as it deserves and sometimes my more intricate pieces can even take a couple of weeks. I am big on going with the flow of my art, so if there are any blocks of any kind, then I step back, take a breather and then revisit it. 

It is important to me for the integrity of my works to use the highest quality resin for what I am using it for, for its clarity, smoothness and long-lasting beauty and for you the person who ends up owning a piece that is not only magickal, but that you know it's been really cared for, prior, during and afterwards.  

For my whimsical creations, it is very similar. At times I use resin with them too but all of them are done in stages. Nothing is ever done or finished in one sitting.

Each stage needs to cure, and 'grow' into the piece it needs to be. For that reason (right from the picking, harvesting, drying of flora and shrubbery, this alone can take weeks) then I carefully map out each creation of how I want it to look. Sometimes that works, other times a creation completely changes course! (nearly, always for the better haha!) 

I use a variety of ways to make my whimsical sculptures, from using non-toxic high-grade jewellery adhesives to my own recipes of paper mache glues, paper clay and clay. All of this takes time.

I have worked hard to come up with recipes I like and work well with the environment around me.

So again, for some intricately detailed works, it can take a number of days to a couple of weeks to finish something, because every stage needs to air and dry and then be finished with my heart fluttering with glee.

If you ever wish for a custom order, I would always give you an approx time frame for the work that is required to be created. 

So there you have it! It's not so quick or easy but it certainly is a labour of love, connection and essence. 

What other art mediums do you use that might not be on this website?

There are many mediums I create with and have created with over the years. One thing I also do is mixed media art, within my fairy houses and random other sculptures (some I am even working on quietly), I also use paper and textile mache, paper clay and clay. I love working with paper, so be sure to watch out for some new things a-coming!

I have even submitted an entry to WOW - World of Wearable Arts! It was all made from recycled papers, sewing patterns, music notes and over 30 metres of upcycled chain and acrylic beadings. 

Do you take steps towards being sustainable?

While I know there is always improvement to be had, so I am always looking for more ways to lessen my footprint. 

I chose when The Wonky Pixie started never to use bubble wrap in shipping. So I use paper tissue, boxes and cardboard to pack items safely. I am in the process of looking to change my bags so that they are either recyclable and/or compostable.

I also reuse when I can, in creations and even sometimes in packaging (by cutting up old cardboard boxes - removing sticky tape) and using paper tape to secure or with hemp/string.

In my creations I reuse books, bottles, containers and the old teacup in my creations, I reuse papers (I have a large stack of paper I strip up) and textiles and even broken trinkets to renew their story again. 

For the most part, I grow, harvest and dry all my flora and herb myself or I source of other gardens I know (like my mums haha!) In my first instance though, I source in New Zealand, at times though If need be, I will source random items from overseas my first step is to support local as much as I can. Also importantly I grow and harvest seeds, and I gift as often as I can to give back. I plant bee gardens, and monarch gardens too. 

I also go waddling in forests, I feel when I go on my waddles in nature when something presents itself then it is a gift. I never 'go looking' for things nor do I ever take from a live tree or plant, anything I do find on the ground (like acorn caps, or faery hats, or shells/unicorn horns ;) ) I sit quietly, thank the earth, and never ever take more than I have been shown/gifted. 

All paints and ECO/BIOglitters are non-toxic and I do not use standard glitters. The ECO brands I use are made from plant and break down and are safe for our waterways. This is important to me, my journey and my arts.

The Resin I create with is a premium, non-toxic resin but I still take precautions when using it and pride myself in doing so. I have gone through many an experiment to find the right material that is best suited for me my surrounds, and to use with my creations.  

The Paper mache and paper clay are all made from scratch with matte papers I have recycled and with my own recipes. Right down to the glue that I use to adhere the papers. No glossy inks or papers are ever used in my work (I don't use or keep it anyway) as these are often made with inks I don't like to create with. It's all about being as gentle as possible with my work and footprint. But I am always looking at improving things, as art is always a metamorphosis. Like a butterfly or Phoenix.

What do I love about creating?

The fact that no two creations are the same and the magick of handcrafting something and even sometimes one cannot be 100% sure how it will turn out is part of the mystique of it all. I love how the mediums I use can often surprise me and things turn out so much more beautifully than first thought. It's why I do it. I also adore the smiles, conversations and wonder I see when someone looks at my work. In all ages. The wonderment in their eyes. 

How long have you been an artist? Did you do any other sort of art before The Wonky Pixie?

To be truthful I was one of those kids who was 'arting' as a young fae! I just have longer stripey socks now! So it's been quite a few decades!

For a number of years, I used to also paint abstracts with acrylics, mixed media, watercolours and inks. I would sketch my faery worlds with pencil, charcoals, with tea stains and inks. I still do sometimes. I also add such things in my digital artworks.

I have also dabbled in songwriting, short stories (have even written a novel series, but it is not finished, it might be one day!) and I am even a published poet.

I come from a dancing family so I have also done rock n roll, ballroom, rhythm gymnastics and contemporary (although never professionally). But also belly dance, fire/flag dance which I loved and adored.

Once upon a time, I have even sung on stage. Along with studying drama and musical theatre when I was younger. I once auditioned for Les Misérables! I have sung my own songs and mucked about on a harp. I only really sing in the shower these days now haha!

Why do I do it?

Because I love art. I love doing art. I love sharing art. I love teaching art. I love moving, singing, dancing with art. Art is powerful. Therapeutic. Connection.

I love the fact that people grin, laugh and perhaps even remember past times that evoke such imagination and happiness. That something as small as a faery miniature delights even the most distant of souls. That all the intricate details, the colours or imperfectly perfects are all an important reminder to take a moment and just be. Just see. Just feel. The wonder in peoples faces of all ages looking deep into a flower art print, or a mystical sunrise. 

To spread joy through art. Connection through art. Beauty through art (the light and the dark) To bring solace in art.

To remind ourselves of our world, our nature and our connections are all deeply important. Our stories are important. Our paths are important. To remember to see past the big things, and embrace the little things. The wonder in our world. 

All my life there has been some form of connection with art. It is so deeply instilled in me, and hence why I love doing it.

It is my inspiration, my connection and even my solace. 

Do you have anything new coming in 2019?

Why yes! YES, I do! It's a bit exciting, and I really hope you will love it all :) I know I already do! Keep an eye out!


Thanks for reading!


Do you have any other questions you would like me to answer? flick me a message and I might even add them! :)

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