Green Man and Feminine

The Green Man and the Feminine. 

The green man has typically a sculpture made from trees, leaves and the bark and earthen connections around him. It appears heavily in the old traditional ways of the Celtic, but also many other cultures throughout the world with different meanings. 

The feminine or Goddess is just as it sounds, the feminine version. They can be paired or stand alone, but each is unique in their cure, in the theme, in the colours and in their making. They are all embedded onto wood rounds with a hook to hang on the wall.

Each one is handcrafted by The Wonky Pixie with premium resins, flora, NZ Native shrubbery, BIOglitters, powders and inks. 

*Keep an eye out - because MORE are coming!*

My resin art is handcrafted, hand cast and hand-poured by me, using homegrown, harvested or sourced real flowers, herbs, woods, shells or crystals. Where ever the magick takes me.
All creations are set onto wood pieces, which have been salvaged or at times offcuts, sanded and/or oiled.

  • Custom orders take around 10 days to complete.
  • Colours may differ slightly on various browsers, or there might be some imperfect perfections on some items. 
  • Premium-quality Resins only used for clarity, the integrity of product and quality. 
  • With the nature of resin art, each one is unique in its cure and no two are the same. 
  • Not to be placed in direct sunlight or near water. 


Wrapped and packaged with care. We do not use bubble wrap at The Wonky Pixie but we do recycle boxes if we can.