"A wee while ago I was gifted this beautiful hand crafted Whimsical Sculpture. It is so magically gorgeous I feel that like when I'm not looking at it the water really does flow and maybe the fairies come to hang out around it. Beautifully detailed & crafted.

Please do go and check out The Wonky Pixie NZ. Like her page, buy her beautiful creations, support a local creative!"  - Faery Fountain Whimsical Sculpture

"I love everything I buy from The Wonky Pixie. The sense of whim and fantasy is such a joy. Not to mention, the use of nature. In a world of plastic, it is refreshing. I bought my Fairy Fountain for a friend and she loved her gift." - Whimsical Sculptures: Faery Fountain

Whimsical Sculptures

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Handmade miniature Dwellings, sculptures, doors, windows, furniture and various pieces.

The Wonky Pixie has some more wonderful miniature creations coming very soon -

When I was a little girl I would collect twigs and pinecones and make little faery houses along the banks of the stream on our farm. For hours I would search for moss, leaf and daisies to make huts, villages and my own little whimsical world out within nature. 

Well, not much has changed!

My socks are longer and my boots are bigger and I still collect all those twigs, pinecones, moss and daisy heads to hand create magical dwellings. They might have faery or mermaid in them, or perhaps a little forest animal. 

All my sculptures are handcrafted by me, either using paper mache or clay, real flowers, crystals, harvested herbs, shells, using vintage papers, card, teacups, bottles or books. I have dwellings of all sizes and shapes, and then I make all the furniture or signs to go along with them. Sometimes I make windows or doors. Wherever the inspiration takes me. 

All these would make a lovely gift for those who adore the whimsical worlds of magickal creatures, they are of delicate nature though, so perhaps little fingers of play might want to admire from afar until older. These are not for outdoor use.

Please note, these sculptures are not suitable for under 3s. 

No magical creature is harmed in the making - in fact, of course, they helped! 

Colours may be different on various browsers, and each item cures in their own unique way. 

At times I open for custom orders, please contact The Wonky Pixie for more information. 


The Wonky Pixie reuses recyclable packaging where possible. Wrapped carefully in recycled boxes, tissue paper. We do not use bubble wrap. 

We offer a flat rate of $7 NZ wide shipping, LAYBUY and Bank Deposit.

Free NZ Shipping $75 and over.

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